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Practicing Drawing Me by TheEasterArt Practicing Drawing Me :icontheeasterart:TheEasterArt 2 0
The Easter Story (The Secret Chapter)
It was a normal day on earth and we decided to order pizza to celebrate Valentine's graduation and the opening of our museums called 'The Artefact Museum' (If the name isn't enough for you to know, it's a museum where we put all the amazing, magical and some of the strangest artefacts on display). Val is now a licence nurse with multiple degrees and many rewards from all the subjects she attended. Halloween was happy... well, you may not see her smiling but she is smiling though the emotionless. The twins kept playing the childish earth games like 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey.' Christine chatted with Cashmore about the latest discoveries from our last journey. As for me, I was just staring at the symbol which is now wrapped around my neck like a neckless. I was wondering why this 'artefact' doing in this universe. I heard many stories about objects that can turn you into something but nothing like that artefact did to me. I than remember the event that happened back at The Lost City and
:icontheeasterart:TheEasterArt 0 0
Types: Help me draw by TheEasterArt Types: Help me draw :icontheeasterart:TheEasterArt 1 0 Sexy Loli Practice by TheEasterArt
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Sexy Loli Practice :icontheeasterart:TheEasterArt 2 0
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I'm trying to afford some new pencils and/or equipment for making art for you guys. I'm also thinking for receiving some commissions from my favourite artist from DA. I know, it's stupid

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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I was diagnose with glue-ear from the age of 4. I'm now speech and language-inpierment (It means I can sometimes get confuse what people say or I ask a lot of questions depending on the subject). My dream is to become an artist so I can raise money for charity. I can take any request from anyone

I also working with embea on many projects together, hints the name "TheEasterArt." We also open a YouTube Channel where I can analysis MLP, Anime and many more. Embea mostly helps with the editing and sometimes taught me some of the editing process. She also responsible with the amazing computer art that you can see on my profile and the awesome icons.

Expect the unexpected from my character (Easter Chu) as she go on an adventure with her friends and meet fun and interesting people and ponies a like

Easter Chu Fan Stamp by…

Easter icon b by embea-icons Halloween icon by embea-icons Valentine icon by embea-icons New Year and Chinese New Year icon by embea-icons Christmas icon by embea-icons


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Wow, I'm nearly getting to 50 WATCHERS. I'm working on a special artwork involving you guys suggestions in the comments. I like to see what ideas you have to make my latest drawing stand-out

Creative Side of Me by TheEasterArt


It was a normal day on earth and we decided to order pizza to celebrate Valentine's graduation and the opening of our museums called 'The Artefact Museum' (If the name isn't enough for you to know, it's a museum where we put all the amazing, magical and some of the strangest artefacts on display). Val is now a licence nurse with multiple degrees and many rewards from all the subjects she attended. Halloween was happy... well, you may not see her smiling but she is smiling though the emotionless. The twins kept playing the childish earth games like 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey.' Christine chatted with Cashmore about the latest discoveries from our last journey. As for me, I was just staring at the symbol which is now wrapped around my neck like a neckless. I was wondering why this 'artefact' doing in this universe. I heard many stories about objects that can turn you into something but nothing like that artefact did to me. I than remember the event that happened back at The Lost City and at the same time met the fluffy and adorable cat that is now known as Lister. It was odd the way the artefact turned me into a weird pony but still kept the adorableness. Lister jumped beside me with concern. 

Lister: Easter, are you okay? You've been a little strange lately. Last time I remember like parties like this. Is it the punch? 

Me: No, the punch is fine. It's just... I don't know... why this chose me?

I then showed Lister the artefact to show what I was talking about before I continued the confiscation and place the artefact back under my shirt.

Me: I still learning about this and still, nobody but me kept turning into that pony-thing. Not that's the problem but why chose me? Unless you know somebody before me that can turn into another being.

Lister: Oddly enough, all I know that the royal family used it to show they're next in line or it given to the most loyal servant to the royal family.

Me: That's weird.

Lister: So are you with your ears and tail.

Me: Touché 

Lister than moved one my lap for both comfort and attention. I think he just want the cuddles that I gave him but I know just me giving him food isn't gonna cut it. His purring calmed my nerves like a warm blanket in the middle of winter. Then Cashmore softly hit the spoon agents his empty wine glass, making a high-pitch banging until everyone is looking directly at the both him and Val.

Valentine: As you may know, I am now an official nurse, but.... (Looks at Cashmore) (Cashmore nodded) I'm leaving for war.

The twins fainted on the spot they're standing, Hal choked on an olive from the martini she was drinking, Chris than immediately ran to stop help Hal to stop choking, Lister and I only just looked at each other knowing it might be the last time we might have fun with Valentine. Hal than spat out the olive from her throat and took several breaths as the olive CNY whose is like at the other side of the room and then her head knocked agents NY head which than made them came too. Hal was still trying to catch her breath as Chris is getting ready to talk. Hal than caught her breath during the conversation.

Chris: WHAT IN THE NAME OF EINSTEIN DO YOU MEAN BY THAT? Please tell me that you're kidding.

Valentine: Sorry Chris but it's true. I've signed a contract to Cashmore to help Mars for their citizens from the war they're having right now.

Then we all looked at Cashmore with disappointed expressions on our faces. Cashmore gave us that nerviest look on his face. 

Valentine: It's not Cashmore's offer or anything like that. It was all my decision and mine only, so stop looking at him like that.

We than relaxed a bit and look back at Val but more confuse as usual. The Twins almost grabbed their bats to wack at Cashmore. 

Me: Okay, when are you leaving then?

Valentine: ........ After this party.

The twins fainted once again from the thought that it might be the last time they are gonna see their big sister because they rarely were apart. Hal walked up to the twins so she can wake them up while her pupils of her eyes turn red with wrath as her voice turned into anger. 

Halloween: Get a hold of yourselves. You know this is what your sister wanted, so smile and hug your sister now.

Hal was trying to make the sisters feel less upsetting as possible the only way she knows how but the twins ended up walking up to Val and then hugged her in tears. We can't blame Hal for her actions because it was the same way she was taught when she was younger. She is half demon after all. I than walked up to Hal with Lister still in my arms so we could calm her down. Chris than assure us hours later. We did finish the party and wished Valentine for luck but it's hard to say goodbye to her after we went to the spaceport. Cashmore carried Val's luggage and accompanied her in the rocket to Mars. As the rocket shot out into the sky, we waved goodbye like we are never gonna see Val again but at least it is not the last time we'll see her. My filled with tears as the rocket fade into the sky.

Then I had a flashback 5 years ago when my sister was going to boarding school before she was 'Thunder chu.' Sazafraz never was so demanding or over powerful, she was more supportive, understanding and nice than usual. I remember the tears ran down my face as she waved goodbye before she aboard the train then left without feeling separated. Then I felt Hal's hand on my shoulder as she asked 

Halloween: Are you alright there?

Me: Yeah. Never better.


Almost a week passed since Valentine left. The twins are now back at school, Hal was enjoying the sun with her shades.... and of course her sword as well, Chris gotten so used to being called Christmas at work than she considers use to call her Christmas too, as for me and Lister...well... I don't go to school because I'm normally home schooled a lot of the time and Lister is a cat (No big surprise there) but he is helpful like a loyal dog to it's master. But one day, as I look in the mysterious mirror at our Artefact Museum to see what it might show me today. I've seen thought the mirror before it went in to the museum, so it became a routine for me. The mirror, said by some, is able to let anyone it likes to see other universes of other living beings looking in to it or happened to be in range of the mirror that the being happened to be in front. I normally go there in private but I was even more curious then last few times. The first was a grey and blue pony that almost look like a Scottish Clydesdale with dark blue mane who's wearing a platted scarf and hat cleaning her teeth in a bathroom. The second was a red and black Pegasus with a goatee doing a Arnold Schwarzenegger impression (I could tell he was doing it because he was replaying one of the scenes from 'The Terminator'). The third was a blue pony with a whooping long blonde hair reading an 'Adventure Time' comic books as he nibbled on a few cookies. Then the latest one was completely unexpected. There was the most beautiful but adorable thing I saw. A white winged unicorn with rainbow hair but with black highlights and tail was now staring back at me. I thought it might be an unicorn because I saw her swaying her lions-like tail back and forth as she look into her reflection. Her aqua eyes staring back was breath taking, her ears are too big for her head and at her hoofs were golden tipped. She seemed sad for some reason because her tears ran down her face. So using my art skills, I drawn every encounter with the horses I came across and make curtain scenario with me be like. I draw them in my drawing books I sometimes. Mostly I draw my pony self because it's more fun this way. I now can't stop drawing the winged unicorn I just saw that day. I don't know why but I can't stop drawing her.

Back at the house, as I'm still back at the museum, Chris came home early hoping seeing me reading a book or something but saw no one but Lister sleeping by the window absorbing the warmth from the afternoon sun. Chris looked around the house trying to figure out where I am but find no sign of me anywhere. As she walked in to my room (My room have my bed, a bed side table and a book shelf full of books including some of my drawing books) she started to have panicking thoughts after failing to find me, but then started to thinking how to hind me. She grabbed one of my drawing books like Sherlock Holmes and look at the pictures I've drawn months before and saw a lot of pictures of the ponies I've drawn. The first thought came to mind to her. Chris then ran as fast as she could to the first place she could think of after looking at the last picture. The picture was me in front of the mirror looking into it. Minutes later, she found sleeping on the floor with pencils, pencil shavings and paper with drawings. Chris was confuse with the pictures I've drawn because I am, for some reason, the only individual so far that can see what's on the other side. Chris then asked Hal and the twins to help clean the mess I made. The twins was more confuse than Chris but Hal was the least concerned than Chris. After I woke up, I was on the lounge with Chris and everyone else on the other side of the lounge room. Chris's face looked worried with her arms cross. Lister was busy cleaning himself on top of his cat-tree as he ease dropping the conversation.

Chris: Why...were the museum all by yourself.... in front of THE MYSTERIOUS MIRROR OF ALL THINGS??? You got me worried when I came home and....

Halloween: Christmas, calm down, I think Easter have a reason for this. 

Chris: Okay. It was just... It's impossible for any of us to..... I can't think right now. Thanks a lot, HAL

Halloween: It's not like I was not the only one who is worried about it or anything.

the room then gone silent. The twins try to see the bright side to this conversation by trying to say something more appropriate.

NYC: Maybe she saw a land of candy canes and rainbows with chocolate rain?

CY: That's stupid, maybe she saw Valentine giving a hug to a huge teddy bear?

NYC: Oh, oh, with sparkles and candy raining down!

Chris: Sorry you two, but no. These drawings are the main evidence to what Easter chu have drawn.

Chris then presented drawing books, each book have the individual ponies in them. 

Hal: Aren't we lucky that she can draw?

Chris: Shut up and look at the detail. Who are they horses and HOW can you see through the mysterious mirror? Before we got it back from our adventure, you said 'I can't see anything.'

Me: Yeah. I did before, but that is because it wasn't set up properly. It was on the floor collecting dust ever since the palace we found rise from the earthquake back at Pluto.


Lister: Christine. You do know Easter is like 20 yrs old, right?

Chris was trying to piece together both what Lister's statement and my alibi but she knows I wouldn't lie to them about this. Hal is more open minded and understanding than serious. As for the twins, their like twelve so the have little concern about anything. The whole room went silent with an exception of the ticking of the grandfather clock. He then stopped cleaning and jumped down after what he said his statement.

Lister: She is like old enough to do things on her own. I don't see the harm of going in front of the mirror and seeing things like she is the only one that can see them. It's not like whatever they now anything about it.

Halloween: Lister is right. What's wrong with that? 

Chris: Well, she didn't say anything about this. What if she look though that thing and saw someone butt naked?

Me: It's nothing but ponies so far. This means this is just shows the same dimension where they're from.

Chris: Hmm... Okay, you can continue this, Easter. BUT... don't stay too long next time. 

Me: I can do that.

Chris: Halloween, you can accompany her tomorrow and see if you can see anything in the mirror. 

Hal: Sounds straight foward

Chris: And twins

Twins: Join them?

Chris: No, make dinner please. 

Twins: Aaaahhh?

Chris: You guys are the only one who can cook without poisoning anyone like Hal does.

Halloween: What's wrong with diseased rat and mouldy cheese with cob webs?

Everyone else: EVERYTHING!!!!!!


The Next Day, Hal, Lister and I sat in front of the mysterious mirror. We brought pillows so our bums won't get sore and Lister can get comfy (He naps a lot), my previous drawing books, packed lunches made by Chris, a new shiny drawing book from the dollar store and freshly sharpened pencils to be ready. Hal brought her Obludarium Blade with her encase for emergency because we still don't know anything about this mirror or its purpose fully well. 

Halloween: So, when does it show something?

Me: I seriously don't know exactly. I think it depends what the mirror feels and what I feel. 

Halloween: Okay, what did you feel when you saw this pony?

Hal then showed the Pegasus up to me doing the dab while having a cape. I don't know why I added the cape but I think it's funny that way.

Me: Maybe hungry? Or bored? I really can't think why.

Halloween: I like the cape you put on him. That's kind of cool.

Me: Thanks. (Making a big smile)

Lister does the most adorable thing ever. When he was dreaming, he frail his paws up in the air and said



Halloween: What is with this cat?

Me: I think it's a cute thing. (Snickers)

We waited the 2 hours waiting for the mirror to show something but nothing happened. Lister slept too long that he started to walk in a circle like someone waiting for any update depends on the situation. Hal is like a statue as she wait patiently for something to happened. I was doing nothing but looking though my drawings to be at least entertained with something other than be a painter waiting till paint dry or something. 

Halloween: Well, this is boring.

Me: Yeah, or maybe it only shows something when there's' only one person in front of it?

Halloween: That may work.

Both me and Lister stepped out of the way of the mirror so we can see what happens when Halloween is in front of it. Lister and I waited 30 minutes to see if something has happened for Hal. 

Halloween: Nothing is happening. Maybe you should try it again like before.

Me: Sounds like a plan.

I put Lister down and replace Hal with me. For some reason, it happened. The winged unicorn from before showed right in front of me once again but with a different expression on her face.

Me: Hal, it happened.

Halloween: Good, what is it this time?

Me: It's the winged unicorn again but she's acting differently than before but she's jumping. I think it's more of a fly-jump than anything really.

Lister: Is she acting adorable?

Me: Not like you but she's seems excited while singing. Is she singing 'The Rainbow Brite' theme song? I love that show (With excitement). And she is wearing purple flying goggles.

Halloween: Was she wearing them before?

Me: No, not that I know of. She was just crying without them.

Lister: Can you hear the music or anything?

Me: I can't hear it but I can see her lips move to the lyrics. 'Rainbow Brite, See the shining light. Yes I'm gonna take ya to Rainbow Brite~. Starlite flies, Right before your eyes. And rainbow colours will cheer you up~...."

As I was singing the jingle repetitively, Hal covered her ears in agony.

Halloween: Stop singing please. Man that song is so annoying.

Me: Sorry.

Halloween: It's okay. What is she doing now?

The visual started to scramble and the winged unicorn turned into a blurry shape. It never does that before.

Me: I can't tell, it went wobbly all of a sudden. That's odd, it never done that.

Lister's ears and whiskers went all twitchy. That means something is wrong.

Lister: I feel a disturbance around us and it's not a friendly. Something is here.

Hal lifted her blade for caution as we looked around trying to pinpoint the noise around us. The noise is echoic and creepy laughter of four different people. I can only recognize one of the echoed voices as it winded around us.

As it happening, I then have a flashback from age 17 (2 years after Saz became Thunder chu). I was at home taking care of mum until Saz stormed in the door. As naïve it may sounds, I ran and hugged my sister, happily. Instead of hugging me back, she shove me two feet back on my bum. I remember her showing an 'F' on the paper from school while having a furious look on her face like a bull behind a gate before a rodeo. I was more focus on mum hoping she'll feel better than my studies. She did raise us after all. I than cried as Saz upreared at me for being a failure and then slammed the door behind her as I ran to mum's arms in tears.

Back at what's happening, and Lister ran in between my legs for shelter or some protection of some sort. Then out of the shadows, came out a blood-curdling image that is going to be only in my nightmares. A Mimikyu looking girl flouted out while keeping an evil look on her face. Her body is see-through like a dark phantom. She seemed to be glad to see both me and Halloween.

Mimikyu girl: Hello... Easterina. Long time, no see~

Hal walked slowly towards me encase I need protection.

Me: How do you know my name?

Mimikyu girl: I think...she knows~. What a little failure you became, caring only about poor mummy and little pussy cat.

Lister: I have a name you know!!!! (Hissing and hairs standing on end)

Halloween: Keep away you creep!

Mimikyu girl: (Giggles) Oh Halloween~. The Dark-Type and The Reformed Type. What are the chances of you being here?

Hal growled as the creepy Mimikyu girl flouted around her. Hal then tried to take a swing at her but missed. The girl then flouted towards me to the point that she's uncomfortably close to my face and just stared. I than recognized those eye's. 

Me: Saz?

Mimikyu girl: (Quickly flouted back) Mmmmm, Yes. Ha ha, got it half right~.

Halloween: What's the other half?

Mimikyu girl: Sirmagius...... and Whimsicoe. But mostly Sirmagius~.

Sirmagius and Whimsicoe were the other two gods before the planet explosion. Sirmagius was the third youngest sibling out of the nine elements. He was the ghost element and had a Mismagus appearance. And Whimsicoe was second oldest and use to have two elements. She was the element of grass and fairy, and had a Whimsicott appearance. The cunning figure than sway around us in a teased fashion.

Sirmagius: Your sister's body was the last of the survivors because ALL of MY siblings. Some say it's because "poor Thunder was the youngest" and "she discover this universe." It makes me sick. So making you sister think your worthless to the point that she thinks you got a 'F' on your finals was sooo much fun. I knew it's not enough, so knowing that making Halloween think she needs to kill a whole planet for her "daddy's love" was the icing on the cake. I didn't know Thunder have a shocking temper and Hal, may I call you Hal, using the lighting to destroy the planet in one go. And now, here we are, together like a high school reunion but I stole three of the important souls for my plan. And while were here, give me the mirror~!

Halloween: Why do you want the mirror?

Lister: And what are you going to do with it?

Sirmagius: Well, you see, the elements including me use to travel with this mirror~. Apart of any laws of logic not even I am not aware, it is my ticket to other dimensions so I can travel and then using the souls from my sisters, I'll rule the multiverse!!! But there's one problem, I have an unneeded soul. What to do with an unneeded soul? Well, I kill the closes blood line that have part of the soul's family with the same blood. So, that's why I'm here, to kill you, Easterina Mousemona Churin.

Halloween: Why don't you try and kill her already? 

Sirmagius: Because I adore torturing my victims before I kill them~. (Immediately tries to catch me but I manage to quickly move out of the way on time)

Both of us were running around of the museum, as Hal and Lister chased after. I avoided all of Sirmagius hands but one managed to grabbed me by the ankles and then started to bang me on the ground repeatedly. Sir than thrown me across the building as his evil laugh echoed though the museum. Hal tried to capture him with a vase that's acted like a vacuum to try to suck Sir in but he dodged it then teleported behind Hal with an overgrown hammer, knocking Hal unconscious.

Sirmagius: Whoops

Lister was lucky. Knowing he can't fight Sir, Lister ran outside to try to get help and fast. I tried using my thunder shocks to attack Sir but it had little effect. I guess it was the grass typing from Whimsicoe. There's no way out. Sir kept attacking me over and over for fun like a cat playing with a dying mouse. It was the last leg of the battle, I was to the point of pain all over and Sir was only at half heath but smiling knowing one more hit I'm done for.

Sirmagius: PREPARE TO DIE!!!!! (Charging at me from the other-side of the museum)

I had my back towards the mirror as it glows in pretty colours. As I walk backwards than felt something. The mirror then became a portal with star shapes of all forms and multiple shades of purples, pinks and blues. I was distracted with the colours and shapes that I forgot Sir was still charging at me. After he hits me, I flew into the portal not knowing where it taking me. The rest was a bluer. Only you guys guess what happens next.
The Easter Story (The Secret Chapter)
The winged unicorn: Lightning-Bliss 
The red and black Pegasus: FlameAmigo619 
The whopping long mane pony: finnthepony17 
The Scottish Clydesdale: Mad--Munchkin 

Hope you all enjoyed the story 


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