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The Easter Story (Chapter 6)
We’ve been on many adventures and not all of them are “fun” or “safe.” But this one is the most remember able.
Our team were given a mission from Cashmore to find the lost negotiators on a planet called Prollnork (We called it the Lost City because none of the people came back after they went missing. Not to mention it is nothing but sand and rocks and inhabit with no life). A week ago, Cashmore knows this is risky but after discovering the planet, the government send some volunteers to negotiate with “Kompbell The leader of Prollnork”. After what I told you, no one want to volunteer except us. Cashmore kindly gave us supplies and equipped us some tools and we’re on our way to Prollnork.
2 weeks later, of course we can’t find the Lost City. We stopped and started to have what’s left of our food. Cashmore said he has send food to us yesterday but it never came for some reason. I tried to cheer my team up by singing and danci
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The Easter Story (Chapter 5.5) It was all my fault
In Halloween's voice: “In the beginning, I was born in what you call, the Dark Dimension. I was nothing more than a pile of clay about a size of a new born baby. Then my father, Death, brought me to life by using dark matter. My skin was pure black and my pupils blended in with my lenses. My smile made me look creepy as I grew bigger. I have three older brothers called War, Famine and Pestilence and with my father, they made The Four Horseman of The Apocalypse. My shirt use to be a dress that sometimes get soaked with blood. Unlike my brothers that do what they caused in your world, I destroy planets from other worlds including worlds. Without use, there is no balance and your galaxy will be nothing more than chaos”
“I was motivated by Pride and Greed which got me in a very murderous state. My Father raised me to be evil but I didn’t know how being evil works. Father labelled me as unstudied evil (Which means I can sometimes get out of control if I’m not c
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I was diagnose with glue-ear from the age of 4. I'm now speech and language-inpierment (It means I can sometimes get confuse what people say or I ask a lot of questions depending on the subject). My dream is to become an artist so I can raise money for charity. I can take any request from anyone

Expect the unexpected from my character (Easter Chu) as she go on an adventure with her friends and meet fun and interesting people and ponies a like

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We’ve been on many adventures and not all of them are “fun” or “safe.” But this one is the most remember able.


Our team were given a mission from Cashmore to find the lost negotiators on a planet called Prollnork (We called it the Lost City because none of the people came back after they went missing. Not to mention it is nothing but sand and rocks and inhabit with no life). A week ago, Cashmore knows this is risky but after discovering the planet, the government send some volunteers to negotiate with “Kompbell The leader of Prollnork”. After what I told you, no one want to volunteer except us. Cashmore kindly gave us supplies and equipped us some tools and we’re on our way to Prollnork.

2 weeks later, of course we can’t find the Lost City. We stopped and started to have what’s left of our food. Cashmore said he has send food to us yesterday but it never came for some reason. I tried to cheer my team up by singing and dancing around the fire and the twins joined in on the fun.

Me & Twins: **La, La, All around --- Over the hills, up and down** (Repeat)

Halloween: Easter, can you stop being a child for once? Just curious.

Me: Nope, because I have no one to judge me for being me!

Valentine: You know you get some attention because you are the “Miracle.”

Me: Please don’t call me that. It make be sound like I was born dead.

Chris: Val’s right you know, you are the “Miracle.” After all, you nearly died twice.

After the pot started to wrestle which indicates that dinner is ready. The twins kindly helped out shared the soup in individual bowls, except Hal. She just stared at the night sky being distracted with the stars. I hold two bowls in each hand and walked up to Hal to give her soup.

Me: Here, have some.

Halloween: Why do you eat?

Me: Mostly for energy and for comfort – Hal, are you ok?

Halloween: It just, you had a mother and now she’s gone but you’re still ok and you forgive me. So, Why? Why is that? I never understand.

I just pause for a bit, waiting for Hal to finish her words. After that, I just smiled and gave Hal the soup.

Me: I know you weren’t evil after you saved me, so I trusted you. Of course other people wouldn’t forgive you like ever and would just hit you but after I saw you, I instantly knew were going to be good friends. Besides, my mum use to say “to every evil, there’s a good side. It depends on the person, people can become good on their own time as long others can understand.”

Halloween: You’re one weird individual.

I handed the bowl of soup to Hal with a smile. Hal may not be able to smile but I can tell that she is pleased.


Me: So are you. You carry a sword in your hair.

Both of us laughed. Hal is still unsure that the soup presented to her, but she took a spoon full to try. The flavour hit her tongue then she gulped the whole thing like a short glass of water. Her face may stay emotionless but I can tell she enjoyed it. What was scary for me is that her pupils from her eyes turned black to red instantly. She then started to show her evil grin on her face. It was terrifying.

Halloween: GIVE ME MORE (Evil Tone)

I jumped back like half a metre away in shock. Eventually, Hal stopped and shook her head. Then her eyes turned back to black.

Halloween: What just happened?

Me: I think you still have 7DS (Seven Deadly Sins) in you.

Chris: Easter is right. You still have some dark matter on you Halloween. It seems to be where your ears are.

Chinese New Year: That explain the emotional outbreaks.

New Year: Wow, I feel sorry for you Hal.

Halloween: Don’t be. I didn’t know it’s still in me. After all, I’m still evil. Just slightly more on your side than my own.


Hours later, we slept in our tent but me. I was snuggling with Hal’s hair because it feels so soft. During one part of the night, something made it’s was in our tent. A large, shadowy figure slowly walked up to me. It blue eye’s glowed and it grew bigger. At first I thought I was dreaming until I felt it claws on my ears as I squeezed my eyes shut. After I open my eyes once more, the touch turned on by the figure. It turned out to be a very fluffy kitty cat. It seemed to like me because the cat purred and rubbed it face on me. I then had an idea of keeping him.

Me: Hey little guy. Would you like to sleep with me?

Instantly, the cat curled up next to me then after almost a second, is now fast sleep. The next day, the cat is still curled up beside me. As I got up and change from my pyjamas to my own clothes, the cat sat up and look at me gratefully. He’s not only fluffy, but he’s dirty and a very skinny for a kitty like him. I was surprisingly impressed that he’s still alive without any weight on him. The only thing that came to mind with the poor kitty is that he’s an astray.

The Cat: Meow ^w^

OMG it’s adorable. That single meow woke Hal up by accident. Hal sat up and saw the cat.

Halloween: Why is a cat in our tent? And how did it get in?

Me: You tell me. I don’t know. Maybe he’s a little lost.

The Cat: Meoow

Me: We might need to get the others up. Maybe Chris can take some samples from the dirt in his fur to tell us where he came from and probably take us to the lost city.

Halloween: Not a bad idea. I’ll wake everyone up now.

Hal than got up from her sleeping bag and started walking out of the tent. The cat started to chase it tail after Hal left the tent. OMG, OMG it’s so adorable. Hal than poked in the tent with news.

Halloween: Their gone

Me: WHAT!?!?!?!?

The Cat: MEEOOW?!?!?!?

The cat and I rushed out to witness that Valentine’s, Chris’s and The Twins tents where missing. Halloween looked like she’s going to explode with anger. Immediately, I handed Hal the cat and her blood pressure lowered down and then she began to hug the cat as he purred.

Me: Okay, something happened last night, right? Something mush have come and took our colleagues away. Now we need to find where they went.

The Cat: Meow, meow.

The cat than pointed in the direction with his paw. We saw in the direction where the cat pointed were footprints.

Halloween: Footprints in the middle of nowhere? That’s new.

The Cat: Meow (as he purred)

Quickly, Hal pulled out a button and pressed it to make our tent into a pill labelled ‘tent’ on the side.

Me: Okay kitty, lead us the way.

Then shortly after my sentences finished, the cat jumped out of Hal’s arms and started leading us the way to find and/or rescue our comrades. Hours later, walking almost took its toll on the cat as the sun made the poor things fur into a hot house. Hal than lifted it up from the ground before he over heated. I think she wanted more hugs from him at the same time tried to keep him cool. The footprints then stopped shortly after.

Halloween: Well, now we are lost. What now?

Me: I don’t know. If Christmas was around would just scan the area for life signs or something.

Before we were able to take a break, I sat down on something to notice the confusion on Halloween’s face. I look down and saw I was floating in the air. I then, in a flash, jumped in Hal’s hair. Hal than kicked sand on the object and saw that it was an invisible rock.

Me: Wow, I was sitting on a rock.

Halloween: Maybe it’s how they keep their city safe from outsiders. That’s so weird.

The cat jumped down and walk among the footprints in the sand than disappeared after he walked pasted the footprints. We were both look at each other shocked of what we discovered. We then do the same and before we know it, we found the lost city with the cat welcoming us. I picked up the cat and gave him a hug.

Me: Thank you very much Lister. You helped us find the lost city.

Halloween: Lister?

Me: That is what I’m going to name him. Maybe… Mr Lister, or Listie-Lu as nicknames.

Lister: Meow *^W^

Halloween: Okay. Lister it is. Now, let’s find the others.

Me: Right!

The people just looked at us like they seen a demon or something. Lister rested on my shoulder but his ears flung back in nerviness as the locales whispered with one another. They were quietly talking about Lister being a “devil cat” and us looking like the pink lady from the bakery. I know they were talking about Valentine because they sometimes labelled her as a new slave. Hal can hear them too and quickly headed to the nearby bakery. We manage to find the bakery and as we walked in, we found our pink friend by looking her hair from behind.

Halloween: Valentine?! Why are you doing here?

Valentine just kept working. We didn’t know what was wrong until she turned around. Her eyes looked narrow and there was no emotion on her face making her looked like she were hypnotised by something. It was creepy it even made me feel an icy shiver down my spine and tail.

Valentine: Hello my dear madams. How may I help you today?

Lister hissed and swiped his claws on air to scare Val as she walked towards us. I than saw her face turned into rage from the look at Lister. She then grabbed him by the scruff from my shoulder and started to carry him to a back door.

Valentine: Devil cat, you’re not allowed. Master’s orders.

I snatched Lister from her grip and cradled him out of view. Hal drew her Obludarium Blade from her hair to be prepared for any attack that Val might swing.

Me: What is wrong with you Val? You love animals and Lister did nothing wrong.

Valentine: Devil cat is not allowed to be in Prollnork. As our leader Kompbell ordered me. Hand over Devil cat so he may die.

Me: No!!!

I ran as Valentine tried to grab me too. Fortunately, Halloween jumped in the way and used her sword as a shield to block Val’s strong fist. We than ran out of the bakery and kept running as Valentine followed not far behind. Lister hide in Hal’s hair to hide but Val was still chasing us. Later a tall figure stood up from in front of us with what appears to be a microphone. He also wearing a red cape with roman type clothing and a crown. Around his neck is a scribbly pendent which kept moving. He took his microphone in his hands and talked in to it.

Stranger: Slave, don’t disrespect our guess! Get back to your job now!

Valentine: Yes, master.

She then stopped and turned around as she was ordered. She seemed to forget about Lister after that.

Halloween: Master? So you must be Kompbell?

Kompbell: Indeed. And by the looks of things you must be the Devil cat slaves. You poor things. You must have been tortured by him.

I hate him already. We were still looking for the others and already we were now in danger.

Halloween: What?! Listen Your Honest, we’re here to find the other missing friends and leave. And to top it all that, the so called ‘Devil cat’ did nothing but we did found one of our friend that we can see clearly you did something to her. Now what did you do to OUR FRIENDS?

Hal’s eyes turned slightly red of anger, getting ready to strike at him. Kompbell just grinded.

Kompbell: You must have seen enough. GUARDS, Take the intruders to the dungeons with the others. The have seen too much to be controlled.

Guards came out of nowhere but we’re than trapped by a beam coming from the guards’ wrist. They did what they were ordered and carried us to the dungeons.


We were stuck behind bars for hours. At least we got food. We later found out that the food we were given our food supply from Cashmore Enterprise because the food taste the same. I secretly gave Lister food in Hal’s hair. Lister ate a piece of food, one by one until he’s now full. We even sneak in some water for him to drink and use some to clean the dirt of his fur properly. He didn’t like the water on hi fur like every cat does. Later, as the guards aren’t looking, we took a proper look as Lister and he is even cute as ever. I then hugged Lister, like a caring owner I am.

Me: It’s Okay, Lister. We are going to get out of here, find our friends and probably get out of the lost city together. Then we going to give you a roof over your head, buy cat trees, litter boxes and everything a cat wants for you so we can be happy together.

Lister: I would love it.

We then looked down at Lister confuse. Both Hal and I was surprised that we find another talking animal other than the others we’ve seen. I then smile knowing my new pet is now a talking cat.

Me: Yay, Fluffy Kitty Can….

Hal held her hand over my mouth to shut me up. We then double checked that the guards didn’t wake up as they were taking a nap. We than continued the confiscation in whispers.

Me: So Lister, you can talk? That’s why people called you Devil cat.

Lister: Yes, that’s true. I’m sorry Easter and Hal I didn’t talk to you guys earlier. I was scared that you kicked me out like everyone from here.

Halloween: No we wouldn’t. We except weirder things than this. So tell us, what happened here and where are the others?

Lister: Well, before you came, Us animals came from the other near here until the earlier leader found our kind and kindly introduce us to this planet and were been noble pets for everyone in the kingdom for years. Kompbell took over the throne after the old ruler died and now wears the necklace that was set down from generations to generations. Kompbell is mostly afraid of talking animals in the kingdom because he was told by his wizard (Foulo) that after over a month, he will be over thrown by a talking animal from the city. After he convince the whole kingdom that we’re evil and should be exterminated. More of us including me manage to escape by having a secret hideout underground. Of course, I go out once in a while to convince the people and the guards of the royal order that I’m the only one alive. I even starve myself to sell it. I than found out Kompbell had a plan to convince you government to send some of your people here so he can brainwash them to be slaves. Don’t worry about your other friends, they haven’t been brainwashed yet.

Me: Ahhh, that’s one heart-attack of my chest.

Lister: But… I do know a way out. Follow me.

Lister tapped the wall three times which opened a secret passage way. Lister was the first one jumped in to assure me and Hal that it’s safe. We than followed after Lister. As we kept going down the tunnel, we started to hear taking and animal noises. One step in, and the noises stopped and eyeballed at me and Hal. Unlike the people before, they then came over and some of the cute animals smother us with cuteness. They seemed to trust us like we trust Lister. Then a big dog walked up with a wagging tail.

The dog: Welcome, and thank you taking care of our warrior cat for us.

Lister: Hey, JoJo, they even gave me a name. My name is now Lister. Cute Ha?

The dog: Yeah, that’s sound very cute.

Lister: Oh right, I didn’t introduce him to you guys. This is JoJo, our leader and the one responsible for the tunnels he digs.

JoJo: Well, I did worked in a mine before Rejection Day.

Halloween: Nice to meet you JoJo. Is that okay we can rescue our friends? They might help you too.

Lister: Its true, the one with the hat is very smart and the other two who look like each other but different colour are very helpful.

Me: That’s Christine and the twins. Wait, you’ve seen them before?

Lister: Yeah, of course I would have said something before but…you understand why.

Lister put one of his paw behind his head as JoJo put his paw under his chin for a while to remember the passage way towards Chris and the Twins.

JoJo: Okay, follow me dogs.

Then after that, all of the dogs followed JoJo as he ordered them to like a true leader would. He might me the talking animal leader that Lister told us. Minutes later, as Hal and I were answer some of the animals questions, JoJo and the dogs came back with Chris and the twins.

Chris: Easter, Hal

Me: Christine

I then hugged her happily, knowing that the others are safe. Hal hugged the twins, one on each arms because they were crying from the thought help will no one will come and save them. We told each other about what happened back in the desert, how we got into the lost city and now. We than began to plot how we can stop this non-since and reform Val somehow.


We found out that Kompbell had a device called ‘The Chip’ that can be only inserted by special syringe because the chip is a size of a pea. Kompbell also carry a mind-control mic called ‘The Voice Box’ which he use not just control anyone who stood near him. The other volunteers became slave zombies like Valentine but they are either his guards or his personal slaves. The reason he did that because no one want to work for him and he’s a tyrant. Fortunately for us, Foulo the wizard is on our side and he hated the new ruler than anyone. But for some reason, only the ones who witness what happened or grew suspicious cannot be effected by the chip but be put in the dungeon either for life or execution by the beast that the city calls Claus (For Halloween and I, we were going to be execution until 3pm in Prollnork time). Finally we got a plan sorted out and all of my friends (Including the talking animals) to stop Kompbell once and for all.

Hours later, we all went back in our cells, right on time too.

Guards: Prisoners, come with us and face the brutal pain of Claus the Bloodcurdling.

The guards got me and Hal wrists in heavy-duty handcuffs and escort both of us to the arena filled with bones and ripped materials. We than see Chris and the twins on the other side of the arena locked up above the crowd in a cramped cage. Kompbell sat in the best seat in the house above the big gates where Claus rest with his wizard (Foulo) standing on one side of him while Val hand-feeding him grapes. After Kompbell used is mic to call out Claus, our plan is now in swing. The big gates then started to open. An over grown paw started to demonstration out of the shadows. Than an arm, and more came out of the gates. Hal prepared her sword encase anything went wrong.

Finally, we now saw Claus for the first time. He’s an overgrown lion about a size of a house covered with scares and spears poking out of his back. His teeth are pearly white and were extremely sharp. Further expection, the lion’s eyes looked like Val’s eyes. It’s scary to look at him being controlled by Kompbell’s command through his The Voice Box.

Foulo: Are you sure it was wise to kill the young one as well, your majesty?

Kompbell: I want to see them bleed. They’re not from here nor are they important so they must die.

Foulo: As you wish, your majesty.

The crowd clapped and shout out a lot for mercy but Kompbell is too heartless to listen.

Kompbell: Now Claus, Bon apatite


Claus came running towards us, making the ground shake as he hits the ground. With my speed, I grabbed Hal’s hair and immediately pulled her out of the way. Just in time, Claus hit the ground one last time and notice where he was standing that he missed. He did the same method again and again. This seemed to annoy Kompbell as he demands blood and carnage. He then pulled out his The Voice Box to give commands to Claus.

Kompbell: Claus, I ordered you to stop and stand back for a while. You’re as useless as my father.

Claus then stopped on command and on time as well. I was about to give out as my feet felt like there on fire. Kompbell then jumped out of the seat and drew out his sword. It looked like Halloween’s but more like a kitchen cleaver. We than notice that the symbol on his necklace started to move rapidly like piranhas in a feeding frenzy. The crowed quakes as the look of chaotic passion formed on his face.

Kompbell: I want blood to spill. I want you to die.

Halloween: Firstly, that’s sounds sexist…..


Kompbell than take a swing as irritation and a hunger of blood start to take its toll on him. Hal blocked his strike with her blade. As Hal and Kompbell looked eyes as both trying to get the upper hand, Hal’s pupils turned red as wrath took control and motivated her to push him back. She stood with an almost spine-chilling grin but still kept herself in check as Kompbell notice his mistake.

Halloween: Now, tell me Kompbell, are you now ENTERTAINED!!!

Hal then chased Kompbell around the arena as the crowd cheered, waiting for Kompbell’s blood to fall. During the distraction, I did a little stuff and quickly ran back like nothing happened. Kompbell used from Foulo the magic on his ordered to pick up Hal up 10 feet in the air and trow her to the edge of the wall.

Me: Hal! Are you okay?

Halloween’s eyes went back to normal. I can tell that she was flabbergasted about what happened.

Halloween: Did you see that? I was in control! That was weird even for me.

Foulo: Your Majesty! You need to stop. Ye….

Kompbell: Silence Foulo or do you want to be thrown in here and be suffered by Claus.

Foulo then glared at him knowing what happened next. He can predict the future after all. He waited patiently for the time he’d been waiting for. Kompbell bring back The Voice Box once more and started to scream at it.

Kompbell: Now Claus, rip the un-pure one to shreads and feast on her remains.

Claus just turned to him to as he scream in rage and then picked him up with his paws to be eye level with him.

Kompbell: Claus, What are you doing? I am your master and I command you to ……

Claus paused him with an incredibly deep voice.

Claus: Consider this, payback.

Claus than chucked Kompbell high up in the air making the crowd to scream of amusement. I then got a little cocky and trumpeted.

Me: ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!!! (Gladiator reference)

The crowed show of appreciation grew loader. The animals than helped Chris and the twins out of the cage as Foulo helped Val and the others come out of the trance by magically gotten rid of their chips to restore them. Lister sprinted toward me for a hug.

Lister: We did it. We free everyone is from that evil idiot and freed Claus.

Claus leaned his head down to meet me eye to eye with more of a kind look on his face.

Claus: Thank you young lady for everything.

Me: No Biggy. (Hug) You are so fluffy like Lister.

We later found out that JoeJoe is not the next ruler, it was Claus all this time. Kompbell hid his father’s Will so he can become ruler and he’s an unpleasant. Claus was healed, cleaned and demanded the animals back with their owners. We were given metals of gratitude and Lister later became my official furry companion.

Later during the ceremony, Kompbell then hit the ground hard like the giant from ‘Jack and the Beanstalk.’ The necklace then flouted towards me. It then showed a symbol.


Kompbell: Don’t… You… Dare… Touch it you brat.

The real guards then dragged him kicking and screaming. As it was happening, I had a thought cloud appeared above my head with an idea. I looked at my friends and the other people, and everyone nodded like I deserve to touch it.

Me: Okay Easterina Mousemona Chuin. Let see what happened when…

I just touched it and a flash of light came out of it and circled dots of it around me. After a quick second, it was over. For some weird reason, everyone’s looks on their face looked shocked and surprised. I then looked down and to my surprise, I now was covered in tiny yellow fur with hooves instead of hands.

Me: Someone, Please Get Me A Mirror!

Instantly, one of the nice commoner’s grabbed a mirror for me. I now was shocked at my now new appearance.

Me: I’m now… a ‘Pony.’

Valentine: At least you look even cuter than before.

Hal have that blush on her face than picked me up to hug me.

Halloween: I like your new look. It matches Lister’s fluffiness.

We just laugh it off. Don’t worry, it only lasted for 30 mins after.

The End

The Easter Story (Chapter 6)
Finally, I'm done. This is the longest chapter ever. I'll be now (falls asleep)


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